About Me

We have one full grown goat named Widget and we have Widgie’s little kid, Morisot.  Ten hens named Owl, Heather, Hawk, Peanut Butter, Thia, Clio, Zelly, Pecan, Margie and Runner. One rooster, Bee.  Two chicks, Mango and Pepper.  One milk cow named Meg, a dog named Ginger and cat named Prairie.

I like to garden, draw, paint, write, hike, bike, make stuff in clay, (my mom has a studio and gallery) play viola, play piano, be outside, sew, read and play with our animals.

My favorite music is: I love classical music, such as Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky, Vivaldi and others.  I also like ragtime, Simon and Garfunkel and Cajun.

Other stuff: I am an only child, I’m home schooled, I don’t like chocolate, my mom writes children’s books, I love history and have been to Williamsburg VA.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Gail Carson Levine’s books, Smile (series), Little women (series), A Wrinkle in Time (series), Little House in the Big Woods (series), Lifting the Sky, Sparrow Road, The Art of Holding On and Letting Go, The apothecary (series), Nobody’s Princess (series), 13 Treasures (series), The Jumbies and A Dog’s Way Home.

I want to be an herbalist, artist/potter, farmer (couple cows, cats and some chickens and lots of gardens) and writer when I grow up.

Favorite foods all of them homemade by my mother: I’ll eat everything she makes as long as it does not contain chocolate.  Fresh baked bread (with tons of butter) is a delicacy and fresh peanut butter cookies…We follow almost entirely, the Sally Fallon method of eating (you should check out her book Nourishing Traditions).

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