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I believe that the safety, education and well-being of our children should be our highest priority.  Children are the ones that will carry on and work for a better world.  The children are the ones that need to be educated in peace and love.  If we want world peace, than our children should be taught to love one another and nature.  If we want our world to survive and be filled with love, then we should be giving the best of everything to our children so that they can carry out these dreams that we have for our world.

While, yes, there are millions of kids on this planet, any one of those kids killed in Texas could have been or grown up to be a future Gandhi, Lincoln or peacemaker.  To make this planet continue to exist in a way that is livable, we need to have all our children educated, happy, properly fed and alive.

Our president, Donald Trump, has the power to keep children safe.  He has the power to implement gun control laws.  He has the power to make our country safe for us all, not just children, yet he has done nothing of the sort.  He is always on Twitter, always on the internet stating some ridiculous thing, yet it appears that he knows nothing of what is actually happening to and in our country.

Since our president is doing nothing, we, as the people, should do something.  Although few of us have the power to change the entire nation in one sweeping move, we each can spread a message of love to others-adults and children alike-and in doing so, we all will change the country.  Together.