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It’s really quite hard to get good pictures of goats: they eat a lot, so there heads are mostly down in the grass, they jerk around a lot and they are always very interested in the black thing you are holding, so you get a lot of really big heads and noses.

I spent 20 minutes out there with them trying to get some good ones, but I still didn’t get any of Morisot nursing.  Bummer.

Top left is Hildegarde, (aren’t her ears great?  They flop all over when she runs too), the top right is Morisot grazing, the next down on the right is Widget and Morisot (can you tell they’re mother an daughter?), bottom right is Hildegarde again and bottom left is Morisot (her eyes are the prettiest colors.  The pupils are a very dark blue-black and right around them are a sort of aura of lighter blue, then the rest of her eye is a beige color).