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By the 17th, all the towns within an hour of our house had sold out of the eclipse glasses.  We thought we might have to figure out how to make our own, but my mom found out that my grandmother’s library was having a program on the eclipse and would be giving out the glasses afterward.  On her suggestion, my grandmother took my cousins to the program and managed to get an extra pair of glasses for us.

We had my family plus four friends all sharing the glasses and it worked great.  The friends also brought a pin-hole camera that they had made and some binoculars to project the eclipse on paper.

The morning of the eclipse day, the sun was unbearably hot and it was in the mid eighties.  By 1:45pm, there was a cool breeze and we stayed in the sun, with its intensity lessened by the eclipse, the entire time we viewed the eclipse and were perfectly comfortable.

We just got a new goat who loves people.  She and our cow (also a people lover) stayed quiet and inside even when we sat right outside their paddock.  They didn’t come out until after the peak of the moon’s coverage of the sun.