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Hello!  Happy late Earth Day!

Well, it’s been a while…

We sold our calf.  We sold her to some friends who live about 20 minutes away, so we can go visit her whenever we want.  Meg, her mom, mooed all night after we sold her.  It was a sleep deprived night for all and I’m sure our neighbors like us even less than they did before.

Our brood hen, Runner, now has chicks!  Her eggs didn’t hatch, so yesterday, we got six bantam chicks from my friend.  She has too many chicks to raise anyway, so she was really happy to have six less.  We put the chicks under Runner and she took them.  When they are old enough, we’ll give them back to my friend, which is fine, because we don’t need anymore chickens.

It’s been a beautiful day today.  We have lots of flowers blooming-daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, plum tree and cherry tree.  Not to mention all the other trees that are flowering, such as sassafras, maple and ironwood.

We’ve been making lots of art, writing and reading (Harry Potter for the first time!) and gardening.  Our vegetable garden is looking good.  We have planted peas, onions, carrots, turnips, kale, mache, escarole and mustard mix.  Also been digging out hordes of Jerusalem artichokes.  I swear, those are the most invasive things ever!!

I can’t say that I anticipate posting more.  I’m trying to spend as little time on the computer as I can, so maybe once a month, maybe less.


Here are some pictures I’ve taken: