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My friend was saying that many of her family members voted for Trump.  She said that she doesn’t think less of them, or not like them because of this. She said that many people say that Trump supporters are stupid, dumb, or evil people.  She said that that makes her very sad.

This makes me sad as well.

My mother has said that Trump supporters are dumb.

I have thought less of people who voted for Trump.

Trump supporters are just expressing their opinion.  Even though these opinions are rather racist, sexist and generally not good.  They have a right to their views, just like people who didn’t vote for Trump.

We need to respect them for the humans they are.  We need to respect their views.  We would not be happy if people called us stupid because we have the views that we do.  So we need to think, would we like it if someone called us stupid?

Calling Trump supporters stupid is along the lines of what Trump himself would call non-Trump people.  We don’t want to be like Trump, right?

At least I don’t…

So love.

Love is the way through this.

Love the people who are targeted by Trump.  Love the people who are scared.  Love the your friends and family.  Above all, love the people you don’t agree with.  Trump supporters included.

A challenge?


But try.

You can’t say that something is impossible until you have thoroughly tried it.