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You may have seen someone wearing a safety pin.  Maybe it was a small one pinned to their jacket, or maybe they had on a very large safety pin, hung around their neck on a chain.

The reason for this sudden interest in safety pins, is based off of something people in the UK did after Brexit.  People wore a safety pin to show their solidarity with refugees and other scared parties of people.

In this time after Donald Trump’s election, many have taken up the safety pin again.  You do not need to be saddened by Trump’s election, you do not need to support Hillary Clinton, you do not need to be old enough to vote, to wear a safety pin.  As long as you support what the safety pin stands for: solidarity with those who are scared, those who will be negatively affected by Donald Trump’s presidency, those who are immigrants, those who have experienced hate speech or hate crime because of Donald Trump’s election.  To show that you are not racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic.

Wearing a safety pin, means that you are a safe person.  If you stand with all those things above, please wear a safety pin.  It is a wordless token, that you are safe.

Thank you.


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