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I just was coming up with this idea about Labor Day and how it would be cool to have a thing in cities where the jobless/homeless people could go to some center and work for the day for pay, or a meal.  Turns out there’s already something like this going.  But that led to some interesting research.

I looked up various things such as “LGBTQ homeless youth in Chicago”  and “how many homeless youth are there in Chicago”  and other big cities, such as Salt Lake Utah.

I got some startling results.  As of 2007, about 5% of youth (persons below 18) in the US idetify as LGBTQ.  Of homeless youth, roughly 40% identify as LGBTQ (Gay & Lesbian Task Force, 2007).  Most of this is due to families rejecting LGBTQ kids.

Please, if you are a parent and think that it may be at all possible that your child/children may be LGBTQ+ please welcome them and make them feel safe and loved.  We don’t want these numbers to rise.

Suicide among young people:

The google results for the above question is this:

“Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC.”


“It has been conservatively estimated the 1,500 Gay and Lesbian youth commit suicide every year.”

-SPEAK: Suicide Prevention Education for Kids


Sorry for the depressing topic, but I thought you all should have this info.   🙂


Websites I looked at and you might be into: