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I’ve been working through a five book series called Images and Issues of Women in the Twentieth Century.  It is quite fascinating.  In the books, the author, Catherine Gourley, talks about the way women were treated, popular fashion trends, issues women faced and many other things related to women.  If you like women’s history, I would highly recommend this series. 

I just finished a great book about Marie Curie, (previously Manya Sklodowska) which was very interesting.  In case you would like to read it, (and I hope you do!) it is called Something Out of Nothing, Marie Curie and Radium by Carla Killough McClafferty.

Another book my mom and I just finished is called Augustus Caesar’s World, by Genevieve Foster.  It is mainly about Augustus Caesar, but also talks about other things happening in the world at that time, like Herod becoming king, the birth of Jesus and the silk industry.

Very interesting books.  I hope you take time to read them!