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One more month of summer vacation left!  I plan to make the most of it.  This year, since I’m going into 8th grade (I started “first grade” when I was 7) , I want to do some more structured “school.”  Just a few subjects that I’m interested in, but still, I’m looking forward to it.

My viola teacher was talking about how much you can teach yourself, what with the internet, and online classes.  So if you can teach yourself so much, and like that option, why pay thousands of dollars to go to college, when you can learn the same stuff without spending nearly as much money, or any money, for that matter?

So I am just thinking about that.  For the longest time I said I didn’t want to go to college at all, but then about two years ago, I realized that I really liked the idea.  The community, the cool people you get to meet and the great opportunities and connections you get.

But now I’m thinking again about not going, or may be just for a year or two and taking a few college classes, but not necessarily getting a degree or whatever.

The other challenge I face, is what to study.  I love Art, Viola, Theater (though I’ve not done much with it) and Writing. and more sciency things like Botany, Forestry and Biology.  So what do I focus on?  I think I would have a hard time choosing just one or two of those things.

So I’m tossing around the idea of that self taught stuff and only taking a few college classes.  Who knows, I could figure some ingenious way to blend all the things I like into one really cool degree or business!

I’ll give you all updates about my progress. 🙂