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Yesterday one of our chickens, Jade, died.


They’re redoing our road, so it’s super dusty.  Poor vegetables in the garden.  And poor goats and cows and chickens!!

My mom is making maple frozen yogurt. Yum yum!!  Except it’s really salty.

Life is dull.  Not really. 😉  Yesterday we got a bunch of organic blueberries, and they are sooooo good!!  I love blueberries.

Only one year and four months until I get my braces off.  Yahoo.  (not).  I know some people whose teeth were more crooked than mine and they only have to have their braces on for six months!!   No fair!

We got some old episodes of Gidget on DVD from the library and have watched two so far.  They are really stereotypical, but that’s what the 60’s were like, so I don’t mind to much.  I love them though.  🙂  I want all the clothing, that’s for sure.

We also got some I Love Lucy episodes, but haven’t watched them yet.