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Happy early 4th of July!

Got up and milked Meg and the goats this morning.  I wanted to stay up, but was to tired, so I went back to bed.

It’s a lovely day.  In the sun it’s warm, and in the shade, it’s nice and cool.  There’s a nice breeze and a few clouds in the sky.  It’s gorgeous.

Tonight if our neighbors aren’t to loud we’re going to stay home from the fireworks and have a bonfire and S’mores.  We use homemade marshmallows, since I’m allergic to artificial colors and flavors.  They are so good!  You should try making them.  It’s not to hard, though it is definitely messy. ;-P

So, I feel the need to explain about the picture I posted yesterday.

Runner is our 8 year old brood hen.  She has been for 7 years, that’s 6 broods, ranging anywhere from one chick to five.  All at the same time!  It is an amazing feat!  This year, since she’s getting so old, we decided to let out second oldest hen, Hawk, brood as well as Runner.

Hawk hatched two chicks, Tomato (Mato) and Margret (or Margie) and Runner hatched five, Rhea Silvia, Dandelion (Dandy), Hazel (Zelly), Pecan (Connie) and Jane.  Runner’s hatched 10 days before Hawk’s.  They just started partnering.  Going around together and such.  The chicks now have two mamas!  Runner is starting to let Hawk have most of the mothering.  While Runner goes and takes a break.

It is all super cute and sweet.

So there is the story of the two mamas.