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So, we’ve been getting up around 5:30am to milk Meg.  All night Gracie is put in small pen in the barn, so she won’t eat all the milk, then we milk Meg and let Gracie out.  Sometimes my dad gets up, sometimes I get up.  It’s really early, so I go back to bed for a bit.  It is nice to get up that early, but it’s kind of too early,  Hopefully we can push it back a bit so we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.

We had our music festival last weekend, which was fun and exhausting.  The kids played a great game of tag, which was so great!!  I love tag.

It is definitely true that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  Since the festival ended,  I haven’t wanted to leave home at all.  I’ve taken pleasure in everything.  Even weeding the onion row today, was so satisfying.  Milking so early is also great.

This Sunday we are leaving to go to strings camp.  I am excited, but also nervous, since I haven’t been in 3 years.  I’m also nervous that we will get lost on the way.  We’ve been 6 times before, but still.  I’m also sad that we’ll have t be away from home.  😦

The chicks are giant.  So is Gracie.  Time goes so fast!

I read ‘An Acceptable Time’, which I’ve never read before.  I LOVED it.  I like physics, just not the really mathematical kind.

I’m writing a lot lately.  I’ve been liking writing almost more than drawing.  Viola is going good.  I’m kind of tired of it, I kind of want to take break, oh well.

I need to wrap up, since we’re about to eat dinner.  Goodbye!