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Trans, bi, lesbian or gay

People say

“It’s not how God intended it to be.”

But there’s so many more than just me,

So how can that not be intentional?

How can people think we’re to blame,

For being different- not the same?

They make us feel bad:

Unnatural, crazy, mad.

They kill us cuz we’re different

Or make us kill ourselves.

What do we do? Lie about who we are?

Must we go that far?

We’re aching to be free,

Can’t they hear our plea?

Can’t we be who we really are?

Do we have to keep hiding?

They say we are all equal.

How can that be, when we don’t have freewill?

You can’t go to the bathroom,

You can’t marry a gay, or you’re doomed,

You can’t tell many people,

Cuz they’ll whisper cruel things behind your back.

So how can we be equal?

LGBTQ plus,

Do we have to cause such a fuss?

Can’t they just take us for who we are:

Just human people, like they are?

Instead of making us stand behind a bar?

Can’t they accept who we are?


by Jonah