I haven’t told you much about my family, so here it is:

My Mom:

I usually call her mom, mother, or mommy (she doesn’t like Mommy, so I just do it to annoy her).  She is 43 and is soooooo great.  She has a degree in Fine Arts and a degree in Archeology.  She is a stay at home mom and has a pottery studio and gallery.  She is currently writing a children’s book.  We often go places to draw together and she is teaching me to throw on the potter’s wheel.  She is a constant source of inspiration and strength for me.

My mom has shoulder length wispy hair that is getting silver at the temples.  She is 5′ 3.5″.

My dad:

I call him dad, and daddy, and sometimes a weird nick name that I make up on the spot.  He is 42.  He works part time at a co-operative, non-profit camp.  He has a degree in Business, and English.  He isn’t as much a part of my schooling, but he does everything my mom doesn’t want to do.Right now he is building a station for our cow…

He is 5′ 8″ and has curly dark brown slightly gray, hair.  He writes some, I think he would write more if he had more time, but he doesn’t really, so he doesn’t write as much.  He is our source of wisdom, if we have a mathematical problem, we ask him, if we need a grammar correction, we ask him.  So yeah.

Then there is me…I’m 13.  5 feet tall…yep.

Then I have various imaginary friends and siblings that I make up when I’m bored.  The oldest of which I made up when I was about 7.

Her name is Soupy (??!!)  and she has one daughter named Lu-lu.  Soupy is always at meetings, so I would have to baby sit Lu-lu a lot.  Soupy has a sister named Soapy…who isn’t very fleshed out…then they have a female relative (how they are related, I never really figured out) name Hutchyville.  Now the story behind that name is this:  We have what is called a hutch, basically a shelf set with some drawers too.  My mother called it the “Hutchyville”, for whatever reason.  So that is where I got that name.

That draws to a close My Family blog.  I hope you enjoyed it!