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This has been a gorgeous week!!!  Even when it was cloudy it was still beautiful.  But I heard that it is supposed to frost tonight, which will be bad for all flowering trees, including our cherry tree and out plum tree.

Today it is cold-35(F)-and the sky is a dull whitish grey.  But our plum is flowering and so are some of our daffodils, Miscari and flox.  It is very exciting to see everything grow and bloom, every day is something new.

I have been enjoying bird watching, so far it has just been on our property and only Robins and Bluebirds, but I am enjoying it immensely.

The forests around us are greening up too.  The honeysuckle is leafing and the sassafras buds are swelling to a nice chartreuse color.  As are the willows.

I’m starting to realize that rain or shine, there is beauty in nature.  Maybe a grey day is depressing for you, but if you go outside, you can find beauty in everything.

I’m also trying to have more pleasure in the simple things in life.   Fallowing the saying: Simple pleasures are life’s true treasures.  Which is so true.

Last night there was a thunder storm.  Thunder and lightning have always put me on edge, but at the same time, I love them.  Last night there was crazy lightning, every three seconds or so it would light the western sky, cutting it in half.  It was so amazing.

I wrote an epic poem yesterday.  I wrote it in one sitting and all I need to add is punctuation.  It is 15 stanzas, each stanzas with two rhyming couplets.  I am very happy with it…and am still living in the glory from writing it.

Two of our hens are broody.  Hawk is sitting on three eggs and Runner is sitting on six.  This is Hawk’s first time being broody, so we are hopeful that it will go well.  I can’t wait until they hatch!!!

Well, I should draw to a close, I hope you have a great spring!!

Until I writing again!