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I have been a terrible blogger lately!  We are so busy!  Now that spring is here, we have to start our garden and millions of other things!  I am sorry that I haven’t posted in almost a month.  Time flies.

Today I have a list a mile long (not really, it has 10 things on it, 3 0f which are done), but I wanted to post something, so that’s what I’m doing!

I have so many plans and ideas I don’t have time for them all.  Last night I stayed up until 11pm and the night before it was 11:30 before I was in bed.  Ah, such is the life of an artist.

I have plenty of story ideas, but not the time to do them.  I also need to let them ferment for a while…poems are starting to come quicker, which is a good thing.  Yesterday I started writing a song for viola.  It is not finished yet, but it is rolling.  I’m thinking of adding some other instruments, not sure what though.

I also am about to start working on a doll quilt (like I need more unfinished projects!).

I am feeling quite cooped up, as it is snowing and cold outside.  I really want to go out and do stuff, but it is so unappealing.

I just finished the 13 Treasures series.  It was soooooooo good!!!  Both children and adults would love it (hint, hint).  I like having someone I know who has read a certain book, so we can discuss it…but at the same time I want that world all to myself and it annoys me when people have read a book that I’ve read.


So on Easter I was one of 3 kids my age to be confirmed into Christianity.  I had to give a speech, which was nerve racking, but I have to say, I did a pretty good job.

I also played a duet with our choir directer during communion, which was so fun!

In piano I am working on Toccata in d minor, my J. S. Bach.  It is a really fun piece.

Oh and orchestra is ending THIS Tuesday!!!!!!  I’m glad and sad.  Our concert is then too.  I’m kind of nervous.

Also on the 16th I have a recital I’m playing in.  I just realized I am not really ready for my viola piece!  YIKES!  I am not at all happy to have to make a fool of myself on piano, but my parents (not to mention my piano teacher) are forcing my to do one.  Originally I had to do two pieces, but the hour was almost full so I could only do one.  Which is a small relief.

I cannot believe it is snowing.  Poor daffodils!

My grammy and I finished the 1940’s dress we were making, I wore it on Easter.  It is so pretty.  I am going to wear it to the 50’s style community dance on the 16th also.

Our cow is looking very pregnant!  I can’t wait until she has her calf!

That is actually a really long post.  A lot has happened in a month.  I didn’t realize it!

I will draw to a close…