I’ve been a terrible blogger.  😦

I joined an orchestra back in January.  That meets ever Tuesday.  Two weeks ago we had a chair test.  I found out last week that I got second chair viola!!  I’m really excited, but nervous too, because every one depends on the first stand, so I need to sound really good…so I’ve been practicing sooooo much.  About an hour a day, on average.  Plus chores, piano, and life in general.

This Tuesday I’m getting braces.  Yay!  (Not).  I have to have them for, let’s see, 18 to 22 months.  Not fun.

We got a ton of snow.  So annoying.

Books you should read:

The Green Bicycle (4 stars)

Blue Birds (3)

The Jumbies (4)

Catherine, Called Birdy (3.5)

The Coal Miner’s Bride (4.9)

I can’t think of any more right now.

The animals are good.  They don’t like the snow.  We have at least 1.5 feet.  ug.