Poets: Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth.

Artists: My mom, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mark Chagall and Edgar Degas.

Presidents: Barack Obama, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and John Adams.

Animals: goats, chickens, wolves and giraffes.

Sheros: Sojourner Truth, Abigail Adams, women who worked for the vote, Madison Kimrey, Hillery Clinton, Ruby Bridges and Helen Magill White.

Flowers: Irises, Daffodils, lavender, roses and most herbs.

Music: classical, singer songwriters, Sonic Escape, Brooklyn Rider, Honey Dew Drops, and most viola music.  Jazz too.

Trees: birch, sassafras, oak white pine and poplar.

seasons: spring, summer and fall.  I still like winter though.

Months: January, May, June, September and October.

Food: My grammy’s strawberry jam, meatloaf, pot pie, watermelon, shepherds pie, blueberries, my mom’s fresh baked bread with lots of butter and root beer.

If I could have three wishes they would be: Peace on earth forever, no more pollution ever and no more deportation ever.

Birds: owls, wrens and blue birds.

Books (that I can think of at the moment): The green glass sea, the silver bowl, the assassin, seven wild sisters, the witches boy, absolutely truly, deep blue (series), a wrinkle in time (series), the birch bark house (s), little house in the big woods (s), lifting the sky and sparrow road.

Clothes: mid calf length skirts, cotton sweaters, jeans and cotton camisoles.

Colors: blues and greens.  Also biegey/creamy colors.