Happy 2016!!  I can’t believe 2016 is here already.  I love new years.  I feel like I’m turning over a new leaf in my life.  I can do anything I want.  Make it all possible because anything is possible.  I have a whole new year ahead to do what ever I want with.  So nice!!

Yesterday my mom and I went to visit some friends we hadn’t seen in about five months.  We did an epiphany play with them which was great.

On the way, we saw the most unintelligent thing: we were stopped at a stop sign, and maybe 50 yards in front of us there was a white truck.  The truck was a little bigger then a pickup and had a tow strap tied the the back, and attached to a dump truck.  The dump truck wasn’t as tall as a plow, but was a little longer then a plow.  The white truck was pulling and great clouds of black smoke were coming from the tires.  With each pull the dump truck just barely  wobbled.  We slowly came to rest about 10 feet from the whole operation, waiting for the white truck to let us pass.  As we waited we noticed that the dump truck’s tires were almost halfway deep in snow (which here is mostly ice) it was so ridiculous!  Finally the tow strap actually broke and the guy let us pass.

We all recently got back from church.  The choir director plays viola (like me).  We did a duet of “What child is this”  in service today.  She also let me barrow here old viola, which is an inch and a 1/2 bigger than mine.

This afternoon we are going to my best friends house.  I’m excited.

My mom is taking a nap and my dad is looking for his gloves which he lost, (again!!!!!!!).  He has a long history of loosing gloves.