Sorry It’s been so long since I wrote.  We have been terribly busy.

Yesterday we went to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving.  Which was fun.

I just finished reading ‘Green Glass Sea’ by Ellen Klages.  Now I am reading ‘Seven Wild Sisters’ by Charles De Lint.  They both were/are VERY  good.  Even if you are an adult you should definitely read them.

My viola teacher thinks I am ready for the Junior Symphony Orchestra.  Cool!!  I love my teacher and my viola.

My mom’s birthday was a few days ago.  We went to a sculpture park.  There was also a Chinese ceramics show there.  It was really fun.

On Wednesday mom and dad harvested four of our chickens.  😦  Sad, but they were really old.  They were Junior, Lacie, Light Moving in the Leaves and Lucky.

Father is in town right now getting a Black Friday deal at the hardware store.

This morning Mother went to pick up a whole pig for us to eat.  It took them forever to fit it all in the freezer.  Now we get to pig out on pork!!