Last Friday morning our dog Ginger, ran away.  My mother and I drove to school while my father got in his car and went out looking for her.  When he got back she was in our front yard.  Naughty dog.

Saturday was the Folk Dance.  It was so fun!!  My bobby pins kept falling out of my hair though.  I was so exhausted afterward.

Yesterday was a holiday craft show, my mom had her art at.  It was kind of boring for me.  Last night we also played ball with the dog.

Today mother and I are going to town to barrow some easels for my mom’s drawing class and do some other errands.  I don’t want to go.

Tomorrow dad and I are going to a nearby city for my viola lesson and to visit my grandparents.  I don’t really want to do that either.

Day after tomorrow we will be HOME!!!

On Thursday mother and I are going to town again, to barrow more easels since they all can’t fit in the car.  Busy week.

And on Friday we have school again.

By for now,

Jonah Iris  (me)