Here is installment #3:

“Who was it?” Her mother asked.

“Oh, just a boy with a petition,” she replied.

Eva sat back down and got a few words into the obituary, when her father this time called “Eva can you get the phone?”

“Yes dad,” said Eva wearily. The phone was a telemarketer.

Eva sat down at her desk and this time without interruption commenced to read:

Mr. Linden

Mr. Linden of West End passed away late last week. His fiist name and age are unknown. He is survived by no one that we know of.

There will be an auction of things on Wednesday June 4th

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Daniels Funeral Home.

“Hmmm.” Nothing seemed to be known about Mr. Linden, except that his last named was Linden, but even that could be made up.

“When school gets out I’ll have to go explore his house. I’ll have to make sure dad doesn’t know though.” Her father was a police officer and was very strict about the laws.


It was finally the last day of school! Eva was hurrying with her best friend Lucy to the gym where the awards would be given out.

When they arrived, Lucy’s brother Michael waved them over. He had saved two front row seats for them.

The principal waved his hands for quiet and said “I know that all of you have worked very hard this year, but some of you have won an award for how hard you’ve worked.”