I wrote the fallowing story.  Every time I post I’ll put in an installment.

Chapter One

The beginning

Once upon a time there was a house and in the house lived a man named Mr. Linden. He lived all alone in the house and only went out to mow his lawn and get groceries.

Mr. Linden had lived in the house on the corner of Elm Street and Market Street for as long as everyone could remember. When asked about him his neighbors said that he must be near ninety or older, and that the house must be about the same age. But that was all they knew.

One of his neighbors was the Cliffland family, Sarah and Edward and their twelve year old daughter Eva. Eva was an only child and loved to read, write, draw and be outside.

One Saturday morning the Clifflands were eating a late breakfast and Eva was reading the obituaries in the West End Times, when she gave a gasp. “Mother! Father!” She cried, “Isn’t Mr. Linden the man who lives on the corner?”

“Yes, I think so. Why?” Replied her mother calmly as she took a bite of cereal.

Eva nearly choked. “He’s dead! He died late last week!”

Her father said “hmm, interesting,” as he took a drink of coffee.

Eva’s mother said “that is too bad,” and went back to typing on her computer.

Eva groaned, she was interested in Mr. Linden’s obituary, but her parents only seemed interested in typing and coffee.

That is installment #1.