I have been asking my parents for a blog for a long time and finally my dad set it up for me.  I won’t be posting that often because at my house we don’t use technology very much.

Let me tell you about my self:

Hi my name is Jonah.  I am 13 years old.  I have shoulder length dark brown hair, it used to be longer but I got 13 inches cut off to donate.  I am exactly five feet tall.

My mom teaches one day a week for a home school partnership.  Yesterday was our first day.  I am taking folk dance, life drawing (My mom teaches it) and clay class (my mom also teaches that).  In life drawing we made paper, which is a lot of fun.  I have taken folk dance for the five years that the partnership has been around.

I just got in from making and doing an obstacle course with my dad.   As an only child I have to play most of the time with my self and my parents when they have time.  Today I also read The Mystery of the Gulls.  It is a very good book.